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The path of becoming an artist and a happy person

When you have to choose to become an artist, it is very important to develop the ability to defend yourself and your interests, and where necessary, even to be daring.

There is a popular saying that an artist must stay hungry or anyone can offend an artist.

For sure everyone heart such. But what is the reason for such conclusions? Why should an artist remain hungry, oppressed and left without any right ?

The world of art is such an area where you can not be loved by everyone. And if you try to adapt to the majority, you will lose your peculiarity and that uniqueness that really needs to be developed. Therefore, it is important to have an image that your ideal of yourself and a mentor in the same field of art as you. A mentor should not just be an artist who has already received recognition, but same time has nothing to do with what is close to you. Choosing the right mentor is a firmly standing artist who has his own principles and tasks, in spirit and values. H​e should be close to you and create what you like and similar to you in style. This is when you can get really helpful advice that will accompany your growth, rather than disappointment and apathy.

Second important factor in strengthening the inner core is a correct, supportive environment of like-minded people and artists with the same goals. They, like no one else, will understand you and give constructive criticism.

There is a place for everyone in the world of contemporary art. In this chaos, as it may seem at first glance, there are laws and in order to be accepted, you need to know them, otherwise there is a high chance of remaining an outsider. Then your value may be accepted too late or never at all.

In this turbulent time every artist can find his client and connoisseur, not necessarily from his city or even country. You don’t need to limit yourself to the region, but be open to the world. There are many examples when an artist lives and creates, for example, in Moscow, and his main clients are from the USA or Japan. Each country has its own views on art and preferences. For example, in the post-Soviet countries love with realism was and stays strong, while in Western Europe people are ardent admirers of abstraction and the United States are prone to conceptual art.

So you don’t need to bury your creative source ahead of time, but instead move towards your goal, experiment and gain the required level of expertise in the chosen genre.

Truth lies in simplicity – how to be a happy person regardless of the circumstances?

In the following way: to control how and on what you react, not to let yourself loose balance – namely, to live consciously, to control what thoughts are most often found in the head, to know those things that always give pleasure; for example: walking in the park, dancing to your favorite music, cooking while singing, having a cup of aromatic tea or playing with your pets. Everyone has their own list of small and big joys.

There should always be time for yourself, no matter how busy the schedule is, not to let the routine absorb you.

Personality is formed through victories and defeats. Therefore, do not be discouraged if something does not work out. Both of them are equally important.

The ability to value ourselves and express ourselves is formulated in the daily actions and habits that we perform.

When you do not know what to answer the question what you like, what is your hobby that brings joy, this is an alarming signal. We live too fast, sometimes the routine is addictive and you forget what you really want.

After all, in childhood it was simple, you were active, dreamed and knew who you wanted to become and were encouraged for any little things. And as soon as you matured and responsibility fell on your shoulders, began getting criticized and relatives, wishing to “do” good for you, tried to shape you to whom they considered necessary, correct and useful.

Stop living the expectations of others, slow down and think about what you want, what gives you joy and pleasure ?! For this, the practice of keeping a personal diary is perfect, where any topic will be revealed in a dialogue with oneself, problems will be solved, answers to questions of interest will be found and creative ideas will arise.

Is there some progress in life or you are standing still? It seems that only the counter of years is gaining momentum and nothing changes? Understand that no one else will make you happy and fulfilled.

Do not look for the treasure outside, but see it in yourself! Perhaps it will not work right away, but learn to take time for yourself, make and fulfill a list of what you like and put them into action by any chance.

Awaken your inner child that has been ignored for years. Put yourself first and don’t make excuses. Justification is admitting oneself to inaction. Seek healing in art. Throw away limitations and other people’s judgments. When you begin to do everything for your pleasure, then you will ignite yourself from the inside and these changes will be visible from your looks and in your creativity.

9 thoughts on “The path of becoming an artist and a happy person

  1. Вы точно написали Только для художников? Это ведь готовая схема успеха в любом деле. Будь то творчество или бизнес. Вы очень подробно расписали все, что нужно делать двигаясь к успеху. Благодарю!
    А если кто-то не понял как это применить, то просто осознайте: Вы художник своей Собственной Жизни! И тогда все встанет на свои места!
    Катерина, вы молодец!

  2. Я полностью согласна с Иваном. Мы художники своей жизни. Я столько разным занималась в своей жизни: и это интересно, и это хочется попробовать😀🌻 По моему плану в 70 лет начать учиться играть на фортепиано и рисовать😀🌻 А сейчас время у меня другого творчества😊😀🌻

  3. Верно выше заметили, что вы написали про путь к успеху для любого из нас.
    Когда читала про список радостей вспомнила как я составляла свой первый список из 30 радостей – на тот момент это казалось так сложно 🙂 Если у ва ещё нет такого списка очень рекомендую составить его и начать осознанно проживать свою жизнь


  5. Екатерина, Вы меня растрогали до глубины души! Большое спасибо за такие строки: “Хватит жить ожиданиями других, остановитесь и задумайтесь что хотите вы, что доставляет радость и удовольствие вам?!” Время действовать!

  6. Супер вдохновляющая и побуждающая статья, Катерина! У меня тоже с детства еще с художественной школы осталось такое впечатление, что все великие художники нищие или должны быть бедными, а признание приходит чаще всего только после смерти. И такой стереотип некогда оттолкнул меня от пути художника, но, Слава Богу, я слушала свое сердце больше, чем ум, и смогла понять, что творчество внутри – это путь сердца. И что только реализовав в нынешних реалиях свои истинные стремления и преодолев трудности, можно стать счастливым и успешным!

  7. Все мы художники. Только кто-то осознает это, а кто-то нет. Понять себя, принять и полюбить важно для каждого.
    Катенька, благодарю за прекрасную статью!

  8. Согласна очень важно художнику да и не только, иметь свои принципы и задачи, иметь определенные ценности. Если превращается в коммерцию, конечно уникальность пропадает!

  9. Вдохновляет прям, даже знаю кому еще скинуть эту статейку

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