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How to get a creative flow state

Today I want to share with you how to discover, cultivate creativity in ourselves and why everyone needs it.

Everything in this world is adjusted for left-brain thinking people, who are analysts, logicians. In order to enter a new era and get even more opportunities, including making money, development of the right hemisphere will help, which will give new ideas for development both in business and in personal growth.

Based on my own experience in using both hemispheres: left one as a linguist.  Linguistics represents a logical thinking and consistency.  Right hemisphere represents: intuition, creativity as an artist.

I observe that modern people long for new achievements and want to receive benefits. For this you need to use new means!

At the moment, especially those who do business – go through turbulent times! Because they rely on logic, but now the world is changing a lot – after all, the era of Aquarius has come, in which spirituality, not cold calculation is in priority. Therefore, it is important to adapt and use the technology of development of the right hemisphere as quickly and correctly as possible, otherwise people will limit themselves by thinking only with the left hemisphere. They have potential, but without a developed right hemisphere, they will steal opportunities from themselves.

There is a system for activating the right hemisphere when we need it. The first thing to learn is to end the internal dialogue. This will be helped by an effective practice, which must be done regularly to get the desired result: 1) observation of breathing — with closed eyes, sit with a straight back and a relaxed body and observe the breath, ignoring all extraneous thoughts (starting from 20 minutes). You will feel your head clearing up;

2) to engage the right hemisphere – we carry out meditation on the image of the mandala (starting from 10 minutes), while not looking at the details, but concentrating on the center of the image in order to capture the entire mandala with a scattered gaze;

3) Write with your left hand! Yes- Yes! I recommend removing the internal filter and writing free associations – to open the stream of consciousness. I recommend rereading what you have written no earlier than in 5-6 days, for freshness of perception;

4) Learn to draw! Drawing is the most effective way to engage the right hemisphere. If you have a fear of a blank piece of paper, it doesn’t matter, just put a dot on it and continue, your drawing has already begun!

How to draw correctly:

Observe the depicting object without going into details;

There is no need to simplify shaper at the first stage of complexity. First, we outline big shapes, correct and precise, then move on to smaller and more complex ones;
Lead your drawing as a whole, do not overdo and concentrate in one place, but move over the entire surface of the picture.

Important to draw not what you think you see, but draw what you really see!

To do this, it is necessary to switch the hemispheres of the brain, since the left hemisphere is too formal and logical, the right hemisphere comes to the aid in drawing – creative and sensitive and intuitive.


In order to swing and not push off from the form, turn off all internal criticism – neuroart will help you. This is a random drawing of intertwined lines, which, as a result, create a system between themselves – patterns, the so-called cells, which can be painted over with any color to your liking.

How to develop an interesting emotional line unlike a robot – draw upside down! The left hemisphere remains disconnected — this process is not clear to it and is not interesting, so it will not interfere. And given result and accuracy will pleasantly surprise you.

All this is not only tips that can be applied to awaken the right hemisphere or  begin drawing, but also helps to make non-standard decisions and ideas in any business, in private life and at work. A fresh breath of air, a new approach, an ability to consider a situation with other hemisphere, which is responsible for intuition and provides left hemisphere with creative ideas for consideration.

In the end, I would like to share an example of an excellent rebranding thanks to interactive digital communication, which attracted attention to “Milgrad” dairy products brand and greatly increased their sales.

That once again proves that non-standard approach wins a huge profit in sales strategy.

6 thoughts on “How to get a creative flow state

  1. Спасибо! Полезная статья, буду применять в жизни эти упражнения.

  2. Очень интересные упражнения, особенно заинтересовало рисование вверх ногами 🙂 Сейчас для меня это странно и необычно

  3. Катерина, с большим удовольствием прочла вашу статью и обязательно воспользуюсь вашими советами для активации правого полушария! Буду писать левой рукой и рисовать. Ведь на самом деле для нас так важно творчество, потому что нам важно быть открытыми для новых идей, создавать новые идеи и осуществлять их наилучшим образом, находить творческие решения для сложных задач, и вообще проявлять творчество во всех сферах своей жизни. Благодарю!

  4. Катерина, у вас очень интересные темы и их подача! Я с удовольствием читаю ваш блог! 10 лет назад, я только устроилась на новую работу, и получила перелом правой кисти руки, со смещением. Вот и писала всё левой рукой. Надо возобновить ваши упражнения! Классно!

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